iLearn @ Stretford High School

Learning with technology. Supporting learners, parents and staff.

Welcome to iLearn @ Stretford High School. 

This site is a focal point for technology supported teaching and learning at Stretford High School.  

Following a successful trial throughout the 2012/13 school year, September 2013 sees the launch of Stretford High School's 1:1 iPad rollout. Each student has been provided with an iPad Mini to support their learning in the classroom and at home.  We are excited at the opportunities that this will bring to enrich our learning experiences.

Our use of technology to support learning is driven by the belief that in the year 2013 our teachers and learners deserve the best tools and universal access to them. We are not looking to replace traditional tools and pedagogies but to supplement them with technology as and when it is the best tool to use. We passionately believe that it is our duty to provide our learners with the skills and habits to live, learn and work in an increasingly connected and technology driven world. 

This site is designed to support our learners, their parents and their teachers in the use of technology to support learning, obviously there is a considerable focus on the use of iPads. We hope that these resources can also be of use to other schools, teachers and learners around the world.